Monitor TiltSwitch Bulletin, 633

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Monitor TiltSwitch Bulletin, 633

Monitor TiltSwitch Bulletin, 633

Features & Advantages

▼ Low Cost, High Level Detection
▼ No Calibration
▼ Minimal Maintenance

Monitor’s line of tilt switches are economical, trouble-free point level controls available for detection of dry bulk materials. The units
can be used as high level indicators to eliminate bin overflow or to control levels in open piles. In addition, the tilt switches are
useful in determining over or under-load on conveyor belts. The simple yet efficient internal construction (one moving part) provides indication when unit is tilted at a 17˚ angle throughout the complete 360˚ of axial arc. Each tilt switch includes a threaded bore for attaching extension actuators which can increase sensing repeatability and protect the tilt switch from direct contact with coarse material. Monitor offers two different models of tilt switches, each suited to satisfy different application requirements.

Principle of Operation

The PAC-30U and PDC-30 are RF capacitance-type level controls, which operate by detecting the electrical effect of the
surrounding material such as air, plastic pellets or powders. A radio frequency is applied to the proximity switch sensing region and is continually analyzed to determine the influence of the surrounding environment. Since all materials have dielectric constants
and conductance values that are different from that of air, the resultant impedance seen by the radio frequency changes whenever material approaches or contacts the sensing region. This influence is measured within the circuitry and compared with the reference point set by the sensitivity adjustment, which determines how much influence must be present before the output changes.

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