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SiloPatrol SMU

SiloPatrol® SMU SE

Features & Advantages

Weight and cable-based “Smart” level sensor provides continuous or
on-demand level measurement and is unaffected by material characteristics such as
dielectric constant, conductivity, dust and humidity.

Innovative Hall-effect sensor array helps to eliminate the plumb bob from getting stuck
in material by providing data to the microprocessor which in turn controls the amount of power to
the robust direct-drive gear motor so it can pull the plumb bob harder if needed.

Wireless Bluetooth® set-up (new!) allows operator to utilize a free configuration app on an
Android-based device with Bluetooth® capability to easily access and configure the SMU
set-up. (App available from Monitor’s Web site or Google Play…Search for “SiloPatrol” or “ConfigureSensor”)

ModbusTM connectivity (new!) lets the RS-485 version of SMU communicate with existing
control systems

Widened array of programmable features (new!) including cable cycle limit and relay output
for high or low distance threshold setting, error indication or cycle operate.

Split-compartment enclosure isolates all electrical and electronic components from the
process environment to ensure long-term reliable operation.

Uniquely designed wiper seal compartment for fast, easy servicing or replacement if necessary.

Easy to install means that the user-friendly design and technology does not require the services of an instrumentation technician.

Measuring range up to 150 feet (46m) in storage vessels

Principle of Operation

The heart of the SiloPatrol® SE Inventory Management System is an industry-leading cable-based “Smart” sensor called the Silo Monitoring Unit (SMU) that is designed to perform in some of the harshest and most dynamic level measurement conditions. The SMU with its state-of-the-art sensors including Hall-effect technology can be combined with a variety of operator interface and auxiliary output options to provide a practical vendor / remote managed inventory system designed for your specific requirements.

When a measurement cycle is initiated, either manually or automatically, the SiloPatrol® SE sensor (SMU) motor control system deploys a plumb bob, that is attached to a heavy-duty stainless steel cable, for descent into the vessel. The motor control circuitry regulates an optimal speed of descent that helps to eliminate cable slack, maximizes motor life and ensures that the plumb bob will stop when it contacts the material surface. In addition, the motor control system has a “Descend-Assist” feature that can be used to prevent the plumb bob from “clinging” to the socket that might occur in extreme applications. The SMU measures the amount of cable deployed during descent via its unique optical sensing system. Once the optical encoder determines that the plumb bob has reached the material surface, the microcontroller reverses the direction of the motor and transmits the distance value. During the ascent of the plumb bob, the SMU measures the amount of cable retrieved in order to reconfirm the distance measurement.

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