Monitor, RadarRight-S280-373P Lit

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Monitor, RadarRight-S280-373P Lit

Monitor, RadarRight-S280-373P Lit

RadarRight™ Series 280 Non-Contact Radar Continuous Level Sensor for Liquids

Features & Advantages

Non-contact level measurement solution…nothing to “touch” your process.
Real-time continuous output provides immediate level measurements.
INCLUDES LCD Display Module for easy set-up / configuration.
4° beam angle to concentrate energy for HIGH ACCURACY and reliability with materials having a wide range of characteristics.
Minimal “dead band” (“blanking zone”) for optimum measurement in vessel.
1-1/2” NPT threaded, stainless steel process connection for easy installation.
Extremely low emission power with “pulse” technology; is harmless towards the environment and human beings.

Principle of Operation

The RadarRight ™ radar level instrument emits a microwave pulse from its antenna, which
travels at the speed of light to the surface of the medium below. The time-of-flight of the pulse
and its reflection back to the instrument location is directly related to the empty distance in
the vessel and the material level. The output from the electronics is continuously updated as
the level of the material surface changes.

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