Monitor HMI-2 Lit, 393Q

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Monitor HMI-2 Lit, 393Q

Monitor HMI-2 Lit, 393Q

HMI2 Operator Interface Control Console

Features & Advantages

Two sensor networks with a capacity of 16 sensors each (32 total) are provided to communicate with SiloPatrol® SMU SE “Smart” RS-485cable-based level sensors and/or the Flexar® guided wave radar sensors.
Calculate and display values for level, volume, weight and percent with data input from the user.
Volume and weight calculations now have the ability to include the additional amount of material contained in the roof sections of steep silo roofs below the sensor mounting location.
Automatic, Manual or Auto/Manual operating modes provide versatility for SiloPatrol® SMU SE.
Displays real-time measurement updates provided by Flexar® sensors.
Set-up parameters for Flexar® can be modified by using the HMI2 keypad.
Built-in 16 point strapping table to produce volumetric or gravimetric calculated readings if the dimensions of a vessel cannot be determined or the vessel is of an irregular shape.
Flexible display of data in English or Metric units including feet, meters, pounds, kilograms, cubic feet, cubic meters, U.S./British bushels, gallons, liters, tons, metric tonnes.
Unique back-lit display ensures visibility in low light conditions.
Programmable 12-character alphanumeric name for labeling vessel contents.

Principle of Operation

The HMI2 operator interface control console provides convenient, local interface for Monitor’s “Smart” RS-485 SiloPatrol® SMU SE cable-based inventory monitoring sensors and/or Flexar® guided wave radar sensors. HMI2 allows for monitoring up to 32 SMU SE and/or Flexar® sensors. The multi-functional HMI2 displays measured and calculated data and displays system and sensor diagnostic messages communicated by two separate RS-485 communication networks.

The HMI2 display screen can be easily switched to view calculated level, volume, weight or percent in addition to the basic distance measurement. The HMI2 can be programmed to operate the SMU SE “Smart” RS-485 sensors automatically, manually or allow for both. Menu options allow the user to select days of SMU SE operation (such as Mon.-Fri.), time window (such as 7 a.m.-3 p.m.) and measurement interval (minimum 30 minutes). Flexar’s measurements are updated automatically

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