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Monitor Evasser Lit 943

Monitor Evasser Lit 943

Evasser Bin Aerator

Features & Advantages

Fluidizes materials in vessels to maximize and maintain flowability by introducing air into stored materials.
Versatile, compact design capable of aerating many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers, silos, etc.
Low cost with virtually no maintenance due to no moving parts or filters to clean / replace.
No damaging vibration or noise caused by pneumatic or electric vibrators.
External mounting available for ease of installation without entering the vessel.
Available in cast iron or 316 stainless steel to fit appropriate applications.
Standard neoprene boot or optional white FDA-approved boot to help avoid material back-fl ow.
Typical effective radius of 12 inches (305mm) allows air to “sweep” the bin wall.

Principle of Operation

The single Evasser bin aerator operates by continuously introducing air into a mass of stored powder. When fi rst conveyed into
a storage vessel, the powder is a highly aerated mixture of air and particulate. In this state, the mixture fl ows quite easily. As the material settles, the particulate and air separate. The material decreases in volume and increases in density (it packs), and in turn it begins to behave like one solid mass rather than a fl uid mixture of particles. The Evasser replaces the naturally lost air and increases and maintains the air-to-particulate mixture ratio, thus allowing the material to fl ow.

The Evasser can discharge air up to 80 psi (5.5 bar) to move settled materials. Once material is flowing the Evasser can be used to maintain flowability of material with a constant 2 to 5 psi (0.14 to 0.35 bar) supply of air. Unlike other types of aerators that use cotton or canvas to diff use the air, the Evasser is less likely to be bound or clogged due to moisture and can be more effective as it directs air flow to “sweep” the bin wall. In addition, the Evasser is not as prone to back-flow of material as the standard neoprene boot expands to let the pressurized air out and contracts when the air is shut off blocking the air outlets from material backflow.

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