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Monitor Cloud cut sheet SiloTrackCloud-393T

Monitor Cloud cut sheet SiloTrackCloud-393T

Remote Inventory Management System – Continuous Level Measurement

Features & Advantages

Flexible Remote Inventory Management

  • Access real-time material inventory data from any device that has
  • an Internet connection.
  • Intuitive, flexible and powerful graphical user interface.
  • Manage multiple locations with multiple silos / vessels.
  • Control user permissions through secured login profiles.

Inventory Information at Your “Fingertips”!

  • View distance, level, volume, weight, percentage and ullages (empty space) for silos.
  • See multiple silos on one screen. Filter to see only specific locations or silos.
  • Set level alarms and monitor sensor status… Configure e-mail and text notifications.
  • Create, save and generate configurable reports.
  • Automatically e-mail reports to specific users. (Facility Manager, Dispatcher, etc.)
  • Access historical data to create trends, improve inventory / procurement efficiencies.

Secure and Reliable Communications

  • Data is secure and encrypted.
  • Connection from Gateway(s) to the Cloud-based server can be either through cellular or Ethernet

Principle of Operation

SiloTrack™ CLOUD Inventory Management System is a web-based application that provides users with an unmatched,
flexible user interface from any device with Internet access for Monitor’s “Smart” RS-485 (Modbus) continuous level
sensors. SiloTrack™ CLOUD allows for monitoring up to 32 sensors per Gateway including the SiloPatrol® SMU cable-based
sensors and/or Monitor’s RadarRightTM non-contact radar sensors. The sensor data collected through the cloud-based
server can be accessed at any time from any place to view current status, review history and create reports to optimize
inventory management.

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